Hi there. I have a 2000 GSX RFI and recently had the engine rebuilt. It was running great for months until the engine lost power and then seized when I tried to idle to the boat ramp. Engine rebuilder thought it was an oiling issue. I bought a new oil pump just to make sure and verified it is working good. When I put the new engine back in (didn't change anything else but the ski was sitting for months so I got a brand new battery), the ski runs fine until fully warmed up, and then it seems to miss at higher RPMs (3500 and above). It also gave me a 12v warning once or twice, but it went away both times. No codes on the Candoo Pro but when I try to enable starting when I have it hooked up, it always gives me the 12v warning.

I verified the battery has good voltage (12.6) before starting and about 13.5 while running. Any ideas what might cause the random 12v low warning? Thanks!