Hey There Carb Guys....

On my GP1200R I'm about to drop the tripples and go back to a single pipe...(temporally)

Now this may be a dumb question but here goes...

On the high and low jetting circuit screws.. when you've say went 2.5 turns out does that equate to going up a jet size..
i.e from 120 to 122.5 etc.. best i can work out is that jet sizes go up in 2.5's is this correct..???
So would you be loking to increase jet sizes if more than two turns out was required..???

Am i way off with this thinking..?? still trying to fathom out carbs..?? really don't need another MELT-DOWN..!!!

Had some jetting recomendations.. (thanks phillip_gpr)

With a 12r, No porting.. 150psi riva heads, 13/19 concord, advent cdi, riva F/A's, riva S2 stinger or stock stinger.??,

What jetting do i want to be looking at.. also where will i set the rev limit and p/v's to open on the advent..??

Sorry to keep asking about this pest of a ski. just want to get it right..!!

Many Thanks Guys..