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    My riding buddy has an HO and I ride a 300 seadoo - we did a day trip together - river cruising in Florida - 50 plus miles - 40 - 50 mph - we used almost the same 11 gallons. On the way back the supercharger ski used quite a bit more But the ride was much quicker - Throttle is your friend or gas burner - enjoy . That's why I ride with Auxiliary tanks. Ride on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teufelhund View Post
    No, itís the gp in my signature, we stopped and got fuel at a marina. (Yikes on price!). Yes, itís the same tank, only 18.5 gallons
    Ok that makes more since. I wonder at what point the pickup stops working? like what's usable in the 18.5 gallons we have. I keep thinking if I tried I could hit 100 miles ha maybe not? ha

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    I ride an SVHO with a bunch of Sea Doo's, 215's, 230's, 260's and 300's. Whenever we ride as a group we tend to all use about the same amount of fuel...within a gallon or so of each other. My fuel monitor usually says I'm getting mid 5 gallons per hour average. I was playing around with the instantaneous readings on the last ride of the season and was surprised to see just how drastically it increased with RPM.

    4500 RPM - 4.8 GPH
    6000 RPM - 8.0 GPH
    7500 RPM - 18.5 GPH

    Not exact figures but I recall they were somewhere around that.

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