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    99 sltx what happens when low on fuel

    Does it go into limp mode ? Had it out last weekend . Ran fine until low on fuel . Now no spark on pto cylinder . Non updated ignition .

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    As far as I know, low fuel condition on an SLTX 1050 will just flash the red light on the MFD and also it will display a warning message “Low Fuel”. But it will not cut back on max RPMs or anything like that. I think only the Fuji engines did that?

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    There was a matrix posted at some point that detailed the limiting modes and operation strategies by ski model and model year. I can't seem to find it though. Maybe someone else can? Domestic engines definitely have limiters built in, but they vary dramatically in terms of why the activate and the method of limiting. For example, my 98 SLXH will limit RPM when the engine is hot while my 96 SL900 will retard timing.

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    I put fuel in it and it’s still got no spark in the pto cyl . Sparks once that’s it . It was running real good until this happened. 57mph gps . The new ignition. should be here next week .

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