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    Quote Originally Posted by LongIslandBrit View Post
    55 is plenty, if it's reliable and easy to achieve. Buying new.

    The GTX 170 will meet your needs. No supercharger to worry about. It will be slower pulling a skier......or anything else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ptscon View Post
    I took a screen shot of this for when you come back in a month asking how you can make your 170 a little faster.
    Dammit... now I have to buy the bigger one just to avoid your smug posting !

    But actually, you or someone else made an important point - I DO want to do towing so maybe that's forced the 230. Presumably 300 is unnecessary.

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    IMO you're over thinking this-the supercharger on the current Sea-Doos is not an issue to be concerned about. If you want an issue to worry about, focus on the infamous driveshaft seal. The 230 HP is the sweet spot in the product line when considering power and fuel consumption. I burn about 4.5 gal/hour on my 230 HP '18 GTR-X and about 4.0 gph on my 160 HP(non supercharged) Kawasaki STX-15F. This is an insignificant difference in fuel consumption but with a substantial gain in power.

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