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    Prop splines and pump shaft thread

    Anyone know if spark prop is same splines as older 2 strokes?
    Also are prop/pump shaft splines the same? Hub size?

    Putting together 900 ace turbo on an hx and starting to look at pump options.
    Would like to machine adapter plate and run spark stainless 14 vein pump on the hx. Just hoping the prop has same splines as the older 2 strokes so it fits my driveshaft. Other option is if not same splines then run older 2 stroke prop in the spark pump. Or a custom prop.

    A custom driveshaft is also an option.

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    there is not a impeller wrench specific to the spark. I was able to use one of my existing spline wrenches so my best guess is that its the small two stroke size..with he next up being for the 4-tec and after that the supercharged 4 tecs. I can't tell you about the pto situation however

    likely will need a custom driveshaft for a number of reasons I'm sure you already have considered

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    Impros verified spark uses same impeller tool as the older 2 strokes. So that at least lets me run most of the hx driveline. And be able to fit aftermarket spark impeller and 14 vein stsinless stator. With sort of a conversion wear ring to fit the hx transom plate.
    Now next question is does anyone happen to have the spark pump mounting dimensions?

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