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    How to test a coil (RXPX 260)

    I have a 2012 rxpx260 that is still relatively low hours (50, had some years of no use) but has had a lot of issues over the years. Ive had 3 oem intercoolers fail (finally put in a fizzle last year since the extended warranty was over), a throttle body fail due to salt water leaking from an intercooler, and multiple times I’ve had plugs foul. This year I was having a good season after switching to the fizzle and having my supercharger rebuilt, but then this week I was heading out, it was idling in the channel ok(might’ve been a little rough) I got to the end of the no wake zone, gave it some gas, it started reving up and the power just cut down and I could instantly tell I was on 2 cylinders (but no code, so I putted back in. I figured out it was the #2 cylinder cause when I disconnected the coil wire from the coil for that cylinder the sound and rpms didn’t change (for #1 and #3 you could hear the rpms drop and it ran rougher) The next day I changed the plugs and fired it up on the stand, it still was only on 2 cylinders (still #2 not firing) today I just swapped out the coil on cylinder #2 and now it sounds fine, I didn’t have time to ride it but it sounds 100% now. Is there any way to test a coil to tell if it’s gone bad so I don’t have to go through this guessing game in the future?
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    Ohm the primary side (where the connector hooks up), should be low ohms, like around 1-1.5 ohms.
    Ohm the secondary (what touches the spark plug). One lead there and one to either side of the primary, Should ohm quite high, likely around 6-11 kohms.

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