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    Kawasaki sxr 800 cooling system

    Sorry in advance it might be repost, couldnít find how to delete the first oneÖ

    Just bought a used sxr 800 from Japan and was trying to winterize it with coolant, unfortunately didnít do my homework and though to flush it I have to do the same way as my seadoo. So I started the engine, connected water hose to the outlet located next to jet pump on the right side of the ski, I donít have any pressure in the hose so was pouring coolant by hand raising it all the way up to let water flow. Then I noticed most of the coolant started leaking somewhere inside the engine hull, seems like somewhere from the bottom of the engine because I didnít notice any leaking hose. Then Iíve read the manual and figured out that flushing outlet located in the engine hull, I assume my ski model is JS800-A1 because there is no number plate on itÖ the question is could I do any damage by flushing the ski from that outlet? And is it normal that it was leaking? Also what does thing do in the rear of the ski next to the jet pump in the right, read manual it just said itís a part of the cooling system but does it suck the water in or what does it do? A friend of mine told me there must be pressure to force the water through the cooling system.
    Also if anyone can help to figure out what that tuning do, there are two hoes on the left and right side of the steering with screws in it, seems like to adjust something, and there is a valve on a thick garden hose I have no idea what it does
    any help would be much appreciated, thanks a lot

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    Sorry that nobody has replied to you yet, Igor!

    I'm not familiar with the 800 engine. I would suspect that the piece you see with the 'garden hose' is actually an aftermarket flush adaptor. Does it have a fitting that will fit a garden hose? Can you post a picture of that fitting?

    As far as injecting water where you did, it shouldn't hurt anything as long as the engine was running when you did it.

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