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    Copper Spray or Yamabond 4 ?

    I'm seeing videos on Youtube showing Top End Rebuilds where people are using Copper Spray or Yamabond 4 on the bottom cylinder jug gaskets and also on the Head Gasket, yet the manual doesn't show using these. One video showed RTV being used on a Head Gasket. This is for a Yamaha XLT800 Top End Rebuild.

    Should I be using Yamabond 4 or Copper Spray on the bottom cylinder jug gaskets and also on the Head Gasket ?


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    im using yamabond4 on bottom.

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    Iíve used copper spray on Seadoo head gasket that I thought would be iffy to seal without it due to some corrosion. But normally you donít need it.
    Iíve used a light coat of grease on the bottom cylinder gasket. Forgot why I was told to do that.

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    Threebond if the surfaces are scratched or pitted up. Otherwise clean surfaces with new gaskets require nothing, just assemble dry. If you just want extra insurance the copper spray is great.

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