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    Red face 2008 GTI 155 pump replacement

    Hello to all, this is my first post as I am a newbie and well as such need an education in PWC operation in shallow water. Made the most of the last few beautiful weekends here on the prairies and was really enjoying my late summer purchase. 2008 Sea-Doo GTI 155 with only 35 hours. My last outing of the season was short lived after launching and going for a 5 min ride I came back to the launch to see what was taking so long for my brother to get out. I was familiar with this launch having used it with our boats before but didn't realize they had recently dumped a load of crushed granite making the the water depth significantly shallower. Heard an awful noise as some rocks were pulled in to the intake and immediately I killed the engine. Anyway too little too late my day was over after a grate off inspection on the beach revealed an ugly wearing and rock still jamming the impeller.
    So after a few days at home I pulled the pump to survey the damage. New wear ring of course and I guess pull the impeller to have it repaired for sure. I cannot fully inspect tbut by feel it seems like the vanes that hold the hub in the center are broken on the leading edge between the impeller and the hub. This housing is plastic and even though they are not rough or protruding into the open areas I question if they could hinder performance. Damage does not look fresh to these and I am the 3rd owner of the ski so could definitely been existing. Also I am not sure what top speed you should expect from this machine. I was able to get it up to 49 mph on calm water which is plenty fast for me. I have a couple questions :
    Should t be concerned with the damage to the vanes on the pump or just repair the impeller and replace the wear ring?
    Is the top speed I'm getting (49 mph on the speedo, not checked on gps) acceptable?
    Lastly there seems to be an aluminum version of this pump housing also available. Locally I came across one from an RXPX with a solas impeller & SS wear ring. Comparing the housing part numbers for both applications they are the same but the impeller and WR are different from the RXPX. Could I install this pump/impeller as quick solution to replace my damaged plastic pump/impeller or is there some characteristicss that will give me undesirable results? I'm not in any hurry, 3 degrees C last night so many cold nights to lament my mistake and look forward to spring when I get back out on the water. Sorry for the long post, happy to be here and see such a great community. Any advice and is appreciated and feel free to give me a hard time.
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    I'm very familiar with that kind of rock ingestion problem

    you'll need to remove the impeller to do a full inspection

    to accomplish this you'll need a _good_ bench vise and some hand tools.

    plenty of threads here on the forum on how to accomplish that work of repairing the pump

    new wear ring install isn't too tricky, again, plenty of tips and tricks on the forum'. A small shop press makes it far easier
    as far as the impeller goes, either a used replacement, or a refurbish are ideal, but you might get away with a simple clean up of the prop edges for now depending on what you opt to do over the off seasons. Personally I used SBT for my refurb work, there are some other options available

    50 is kinda ok given the condition of the pump but you'd do better with a pump that was closer to 100%

    get some seadoo impeller grease and when you pull the tail cone refresh the grease that's in there.

    pics help provide better advice, especially evaluation of the condition of the stator itself.

    complete used pump assemblies might be hard to come by right now..easier in the winter

    and welcome aboard! GH!

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    Thanks for taking the time reply and advice on repairs. My next steps are to get an impeller tool to use and remove it for a better look at the housing and the impeller blades. I also got some advice that the used RXPX pump although it will bolt in will not be a good match for my machine. The reduced horsepower of the GTI and blade pitch of that impeller would compromise the, top end. I'll keep an eye out for an aluminum pump housing in the meantime.
    I actually drove by SBT several times a couple years back while staying with a friend in Clearwater FL. My friend will be there again in the new year this winter so that may work to my favour for a refurb and other parts that need attention.
    Thanks again, good to be here.

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