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    Left Home for 7 Years, Help Me Start my Ski!!

    2007 GTX LTD.
    Bought in 2010, used through 2013 before moving across country, always started strong.

    I came home for Christmas 2020, and after reassembling the engine (not much was disassembled) and some rough starts, replacing all the fuel of course, we finally got it to start strong and run on the hose for a few minutes (using a 12v lawnmower battery).

    Miracle, I thought, considering this thing's been sitting (covered) in the woods in south GA.

    Fast forward to now (Oct 2021)

    Trying to start it again before taking it to the river to water test it.

    At first, it'd turn over, and after some more tries, my dad actually got it cranked and ran for a good 30s on the hose.
    I did run the hose about 5s after the engine stopped, accidentally (just in case that's a clue)

    After that, it struggles to turn over. The drive shaft is only turning about 1/16th of the way and returning.
    Just a solid clunk, and if we keep trying, just a loud click. It's like it gets worse, the more we try.

    I removed the spark plugs & tried turning over. A geyser of gasoline exploded upwards about 6ft. We cleaned it all up, but that was way more than we expected. Flooded, maybe?

    Reinstalled spark plugs, and then the engine did turn over, but didn't ignite, and after a few more tries, it can't turn the engine anymore, until it just clicks. Also, an interesting symptom: we'd installed a fuel-line gauge many years ago. Normally, when you pull out the key, the PSI remains on 60psi for a while, eventually dropping to 0. Now, we notice it falls as soon as you pull the DESS key off.

    I'm willing to bet that if I pull the plugs and crank, it'll shoot out more gas. I don't know if maybe the fuel injectors are letting fuel through? (I'm really not knowledgeable on mechanic stuff).

    Battery seems fine, voltage is good - we've tried 3 different batteries, including a brand new truck battery.

    Anything I could try to shed some light? Thanks for listening.
    Frasier Crane

    Ski won't start. Turns over a few times until it can't anymore. Taking off the plugs reveals that cylinder 2 is full of gas.
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    Pulled the plugs again. This time, I peer into the middle piston hole and can see liquid just sloshing around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andisblue2 View Post
    Pulled the plugs again. This time, I peer into the middle piston hole and can see liquid just sloshing around.
    If that liquid is gasoline then the fuel injector for that cylinder may be stuck open.

    If it is, replace all three injectors with new or have all three injectors cleaned and tested.

    Might want to also flush the fuel system as much as you can, up to the fuel injectors.

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    Compression test flooded cylinder (could be a bad ecu holding injector open) could have hydro locked and bent valves compression test will tell you

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    Roger that.

    It does appear(smell) to be gas. After letting it spit out the gas into rags/blankets, the engine did turn over (no ignition though), and eventually fell victim to the same symptom (acts like it's stuck and doesn't have the strength to turn over).

    My dad is suspecting the injector as well, and said "may be stuck open". Will test, thank you guys.

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    I bet it's a bad injector. Keep us posted!

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    pull the fuel rail, bag the injectors in gallon freezer ziplocks and see what happens when you crank the engine. replacing/cleaning the injectors is no big deal as you'll see as to how easy the fuel rail comes off.

    count yourself lucky the fountain of fuel didn't catch an ignition source.

    crank and pray isn't going to work here, don't jumpstart the ski. a couple of quick jabs at the starter should tell you whats next.

    you should plan on replacing the fuel pump sock soon.

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    More progress:
    • Pulled the injectors - 2 of them were bulging/cracked, one looked normal (seems like a smoking gun, yea?)
    • Tested injectors. They were leaking through the output nozzle. Since we can't order injectors immediately, let's troubleshoot the existing.
    • Soaked injectors in carb cleaner fluid for a while, and also ran the cleaner through them
    • Tested injectors again OUT of the ski, and they were no longer letting carb cleaner through 👍

    • Tested again on the fuel rail, firing them with the CANDOO software, and they all sprayed only when activated (into a towel) 👍

    • No longer have gas pooling in the cylinder (before, you could rock the ski and see it sloshing. now, you can see a solid surface) 👍

    • Still, we have turnover but no ignition.
    • Test spark plugs with CANDOO outside of engine - I see spark on all 3.
    • Test spark plugs with CANDOO in the pistons - I could hear them sparking except one. Narrowed it down to the ignition coil.
    • Rotated the ignition coil on top of the spark plug a bit to ensure good electrical contact - now all 3 spark splugs can be heard sparking while installed (but the problem-plug was noticeably quieter 🤷

    • Tested cranking again, turns over strongly but no ignition. Geez!
    No fault codes. We're wondering if we need to siphon out all the gas or what? Did we buy non-exploding gas?

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    Id say you may have had a critter problem suddddenly

    are you getting any rpm reading on the console when you crank the engine?

    and exactly what parts of the ski were assembled?

    at the moment you seem to have a no spark condition-> when cranking the engine on its own.

    Don't get lulled by being able to trigger the spark thru the scanner. that's only a third of the the equation of run.

    and others have fallen to the "but the candoo....."

    good to know the sparkers are working to get them to fire from the crank sensor, which is where I'd be checking the wiring to see if there are rat bites

    its a very common problem in my market. the wire is on its last from the rat, you might get an engine start, but the vibration finishes the rat work and now you've got a broken wire to find

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