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    How to separate or split a FZR Hull?

    So i've read a few posts on here about how to separate a FZ hull but nothing I have seen has that much detail.

    Does anyone here have any experience that would be able to walk me through the proper steps?


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    someone on fb told me that's more easy to have 2 hulls - so from one you cut the top and save the bottom, from the other cut the bottom and save the top - that's the best way to keep the top and bottom in good shape after splitting

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    I have not done this, but someday I may attempt it on my Kawasaki Jet Mate boat. I would think that an oscillating tool (Fein Multimaster or similar) would probably be the best choice.

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    Heat a hammer pry bar some 2x4s and patience. It is not an easy job to do. You have to keep from burning the paint with the heat and if you pry too hard you will bust the lip on the hull top cap.

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