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    rxpx 255 08 finally came to life and hung together on the water for a day !!!

    After the australian winter is coming to an end...and we spent time and money getting our toys ready for summer i finally got out for a blast.
    After having a few few issues over the winter replacing both A and B wiring looms due to salt water corrosion i finally got rid of any errors.
    After a few emails back and forth to Jesus he sorted me out with a tune thats working amazing for me, cheers jesus.

    Fitted the 4 inch intake
    et 137 wheel
    60 lbs injectors from a later model seadoo
    resonator box delete
    opas delete
    supertech valve springs and retainers
    and a nice 9000 rpm tune courtesy of maptuner x
    15/20 solas impeller pitched down a little for more revs.
    still keeping stock 87 mm nozzle.

    Was hitting 119 km/h or 74 mph at 8800 rpm.

    The motor held together nicely and sounded sweet....had some fun with a few other ski's out there.
    Holeshot is amazing, however i feel for those rpm the top end speed isnt quite what i was hoping for.
    Looking to change pitch of impeller again to give a little bit more top end.

    Ski's are fun to play with and i learned a hell of a lot over winter and shall keep tinkering through out the summer.

    What top speeds have other people got with that same 08 style hull...i'm curious if i am in the ball park, or theres something else thats just not playing nicely

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    You should be over 80 mph at that rpm with srz 15/20 so you're losing speed somewhere.

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    Yep, you are slow, RPM's are about right, but speed is way off, should be at or better than 80.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ptscon View Post
    You should be over 80 mph at that rpm with srz 15/20 so you're losing speed somewhere.
    Yep, all over it and you'll be pump stuffing before you get there...

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    Gonna play a bit with the prop.

    With the 9k tune, i'm unsure if the 8800 is on a soft limiter, or its sitting on the prop.
    Some prop adjustments and see what the revs and speed do will be the next stage of fine tuning

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    First let me say I'm not trying to sound like a know it all but here it goes. These 08 X hulls (tunnels) aren't designed for that kind of speed. You may get lucky and not find the threshold but it's there. Just for shitz & giggles get her to 74 (your top so far) & chop the throttle. The decel you feel is only part of the decel you'll find when she stuffs. The biggest difference will be you know & expect what happens when you chop it. She ain't going to tell you before she stuffs. Superman, ragdoll, hospital hop (really a hp boat term) but none are good. RR

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    if you arent living on the are giving yourself too much space

    Perhaps i should look into the pump relief options

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