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    ultra 150, run looses spark on pto cylinder only

    ultra 150 rans great for like 20 mins, during some speed runs, i started to notice rpm falling to like 6000-6500rpms. after another 15 mins, it not run over 3000 rpm unless i hit a wave, in which case, it will climb back to 6500 ish rpm. after say another 10 mins, cylinder 3 will fail to fire, i know this as at the marina, pulling pto spark plug lead will not change rpm. engine was just rebuild, has 110 psi across the board(my guage sucks).even weirder is that when i let it sit for like 5 mins, it runs fine again. I'm thinking it the cdi box but I'm not sure. i have already replaced the pto coilpack with no difference. before it acts up, it will hit around 65mph gps.

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    it sounds to me:

    like a carb problem ( hitting the wave could be making the float arm stick)

    get a spark tester on number 3 so you can see exactly what is happening

    on the other hand igniters are cheap enough on ebay

    what's your diagnostic time worth?

    If I had to load a ski into my water tank more then twice, I'd be throwing a new igniter at it, rather then run the labor hours to the moon

    be worth while checking the wiring connectors, but I looked at the wiring and it appears that the kawasaki uses a single ignition trigger

    wondering if it fires all the plugs all the time, never had to pay too much attention to this, as I never had one of those skis come in with an ignition issue

    mostly driveline and console issues

    I'd throw a used igniter at it rather then pull the carb racks off to check the float arm theory to be frank.

    I assume the coil you installed was new?

    oh yeah, trim the plug leads back 1/4 inch. SOP

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    I'm not sure its a carb issue since I cleaned them this spring, and I put 30hrs on it before these issues. installed coil was new, i will trim those leads, throw new plugs at it and see what happens, I'm ordering a used igniter anyway so ill try to at least rule out spark plug and wires while its still nice out. another thing I've been reading about is the possibility that the pto coupler is throwing water up into the carbs since i didn't have the coupler shield in at all. ill install that and see how it goes.

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    I have replaced several Kawi triple CDI's because of a no fire on one cylinder. I just tested out a 900STX this fire on front cylinder after only 2-3 minutes then misfiring badly on center cylinder after another minute. CDI had it running like new.

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