I just put on my new solas for the 140mm 96 xp pump. I used loctite and tightened it down with an old driveshaft and a pipe wrench. How much play should there be when I push the shaft back and forth? It seems like I have too much play, and when I tighten it feels like I can't tighten any more. When I thought I had it right, I tried to spin it with my hand, and I couldn't. Could this be because of the new wear ring being tight in some spots, or the fact that the resevoir has no oil in it right now. I know you guys metioned pinching the thrust bearing by tightening too much. I didn't tighten that much, and it is so hard to turn when I grab and twist the driveshaft that is in the prop. Should I just leave it and let the prop tighten itself like some say? I know it is verry controverial saying that, but I think it will be ok leaving it tightened the way I did. I am just worried that it isn't spinning freely by hand, and that there is too much play. Thanks for any help, Charlie