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    Bad enough you suck up a deadly chunk of New Mexico glacial Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    But on disassembly I find that a second chunk got caught between the leading edge and the housing and damaged the pump housing

    Should I jb weld the pieces in (recovered them)and dress it or tell my good customer my estimate of damages didnít count on this (Iíve never had a chunk like this broken out) typically and housing cracks then there is no question. Iíve had housings cut to the bone too.

    Iím planning on fixing it with the caveat that the next major ingestion incident may require a new housing

    Itís on a rxt-300

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    that's why you gave an "estimate". The estimate isn't an exact bill due to circumstances like this. I personally would tig weld it and reshape it, wouldn't use jb weld or replace it.

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    I put one back together broken exactly like that, from a solas 300 impeller explosion. The wear ring sticks out farther anyway, I just gobbed it up with rtv to ensure it wouldnt suck air. It was a friends ski I was helping him out because solas wouldn't, and he's never had any issues out of it since.

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    I would let your customers decide. Do you want to be known as the guy that hid something from your customers to do a possible iffy repair that could have issues down the road?

    If it was to be repaired I would stainless wear ring it then build it back up with a good tig guy. Then have machined so perfectly true. Which would probably be cheaper and easier to buy new or find a used pump.

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    A little glue to hold it in place when it goes together and it will be good until the next time the guy runs it aground.

    Iíd do what Peteís planning to do. Send a pic to the customer and tell him it might hold, but if it starts cavitating, bring it back and Iíll find him a used pump.

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