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    Running Polaris virage i fuel pump off a relay??

    Would it be possible to run the fuel pump on a virage i off of a relay rather than have it be controlled by the emm. I would have it turn on the fuel pump when the lanyard is in. I've been having a weird issue with the fuel pump turning off intermittently and unpredictably. im leaning toward the issue being the emm, and curious to see if this would be an option.

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    As you have already realized, there are safety issues when altering the fuel pump control.

    If you search back far enough there are several threads and discussions regarding alternatives to using the factory EMM fuel pump control arrangement.

    You can have your EMM tested to determine if the fuel pump circuit, or anything else, is not working as it should.

    A common problem with the Polaris Ficht fuel pumps is the installation of an incorrect replacement fuel pump. Many of the aftermarket fuel pumps require excessive electrical power and the additional amps required forces the EMM to retard power to the fuel pump.

    You can check your fuel pump using an ammeter. Use the ammeter to bridge between the Brown fuel pump wire and engine ground. An OEM fuel pump is going to measure at most about 2 amps. The maximum current the EMM can tolerate is maybe four amps.

    If you measure 4 amps or more that means the fuel pump is incorrect and should be replaced with a lower amp fuel pump.

    Another not uncommon problem is the fuel pump inlet screen becoming partially clogged with dirt or debris. That can be checked by removing the fuel pump and disassemble to inspect. Since there is a mandatory reinforcement required for the Ficht fuel pump pressure regulator, inspection of the pump filters and mesh screen does not add much more work.

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    The mesh filter was recently cleaned at the same time i did the fuel pressure regulator, to my knowledge, this is the oem polaris fuel pump, and honestly, has given me no issues until now for the 50hrs ive had to, it could very well be the pump, its funny actually, i couldnt get the pump to come on while i was being towed or at the marina, but when i got home, it fired right up. Ill check earlier threads reagrding fuel pump control.

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