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    Any help with stalling / cam sensor issue vx110

    The ski is a 2015 V1 sport, which has the proven vx110 power plant.

    Basically engine will idle for 5-10 secs, then rough for a sec, then die. It will do this over and over again, and gives engine code 24 (cam sensor). It revs up fine, and seems to stay running above idle, havenít ran on the water yet. Hereís what Iíve already done and made no difference.

    Tried numerous known working cam sensors.

    Continuity tested each CS wire, all good.

    Swapped 2 ecuís.

    Swapped out the wire harness.

    Verified the cam timing is perfect.

    Measured the cam lobe, and itís distance to the surface of the valve cover where the sensor sits.

    Checked fuel pressure, and was constant 52 until AFTER it shut off.

    Then I started grasping. Swapped the TB, accelerator sensor, intake sensor, stator assembly and the relays on the fuse box. Also verified charge syst works, and disconnecting kill switch doesnít help. Injectors donít seem to be leaking.

    Have not swapped the fuse box, or the cluster. And seems like the cluster has been replaced as the hrs donít match the ecu hrs.

    Any help with this nightmare would be appreciated.

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    Flywheel off

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    Did you install new spark spark plugs?

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