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    17' RXTX 300 Intercooler filling with water only under boost

    I've been chasing my tail for 15-20 hours with this problem.

    Initially my ski would run fine for 15-20 min of riding and then I would slowly lose top speed and rpm. After a while I checked the intercooler and noticed a little water in it. I ordered a brand new Fizzle but when I installed that, the issue got 10x worse and the ski would rpm surge like crazy from 4000-6000 rpm. If it saw any boost the rpm would surge and jerk the ski. Fizzle sent me a new one but said the 1st one pressure tested at 100psi and didnt leak. My second fizzle after the install it ran perfect at the first rip, then I would slowly lose rpm and mph. I let the ski idle in the water for 30 minutes and there is zero condensation build up inside the intercooler. Fizzle tells me its condensation but no matter how long I ride for the problem stays or gets slightly worse. For some reason once this ski sees anything over 1/2 boost it starts sucking in water. I can never replicate it on the hose outside of the water.

    I even removed the factory air box silencer to see if somehow that was taking it water and nothing changed. New spark plugs and fresh oil (at the proper oil level) and nothing changes. There are no leaks in my hull and my ski doesn't take on water when I ride.

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    Boost air pressure is not the only factor that increases with speed on the water. The raw water feed from the jet pump increases in pressure as you ride faster with higher engine RPM. That raw water flows through hoses several places inside the hull.

    The coolant system also pressurizes and the water pump spins faster as engine RPM goes up.

    I do not know where your engine is getting water in, but boost pressure is not the only variable as you ride faster on the water.

    Can you ride with the seat off, watch for possible water spraying around the engine compartment?

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    I wanted to ride with the seat off but these seats on the 17' rxt are annoying to remove. Someone noticed my carbon seal was a little wobbly and that might be whats leaking under high load only. Still a little confused as to how the ski is sucking in the water from there but I'm hoping a new seal and possible new driveshaft fixes this.

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