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    2006 4tec 215 mpem issue


    I have a 2006 GTX 215 LTD.. Ski has a bad mpem, some kind of internal contact problem, when I push hard on the area adjacent to connector 2, it will work, but otherwise it will not power up. Tried an mpem from a 2005 model, it will power up and start but throws a TOPS error code. TOPS sensor is the same in 05-06, but looking at wiring diagram other parts are changed, like the 06 has no OSPS...Any ideas if there is anything I can do to use the 05 mpem (I have a good spare 05) ....Also, if there is no was to make it work, I am looking to buy an MPEM out of a 06 ski. Thanks!
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    join the crowd of people needing a newer mpem. The 05 mpem uses a 2 wires sensor, 05.5 and up uses a three wire. Without butchering the harness you can't realistically use it.

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    There must be more to it then just the 05 ski also has the 3 wire sensor, the mpem works fine in that one...installed in the 06 and throws the TOPS dtc...same sensor in both skis...I measured and the mpem does provide 12volts to the purple wire on the sensor. What else am I missing ?

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