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Thread: RX DI Upgrades?

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    RX DI Upgrades?

    My friend is looking for an extra mph or two. It currently runs 59 mph.

    I know motor mods are limited because of the EFI but anything else would be great.

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    a non stock prop might be something to look at

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    I had the perry performance group kit on my rxdi. It was a night and day difference, Proks, mpem reflash head and proks. I also put a prop on it and I work walk my buddy and we both had the same ski. It pissed him off so bad he ended up getting the kit.

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    if you have a hankering to burn a bunch of 100's for a few mph:

    1-jenny craig for about $300 you could lose as much as 20 pounds ..that's a deal of deals! Of course that mod has some unintended consequences in that you will have to mod your wardrobe a bit too.
    2-Group K's site. If there is anything that can be done for a DI fuel map wise, that's where I'd be going. I recall reading something on that when I was really interested in the DI ( note-not anymore)

    but in the end, the engine didn't have a whole lot of room, you're trading engine life for speed.

    The 4-tec platform is a far better place to dump fat sacks of cash IMHO in exchange for speed. and these days the shortblocks for the two motors cost about the same

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    I'm really not sure because I don't try in RX di and I just can speak about my experience with engines.
    If you have a computer you could advance the ignition timing. How much? depeding of fuel that you use in your country and if you can buy a "premium" fuel but in most of case you could advance 2-3 degrees even using "normal" fuel. As well us RX DI have knock sensor so if you have a maint light you could see and change set up.

    For other hand you can modify propulsion... change impeller, change ride plate... but in most of case they need a "manual work" like repitch impeller, custom ride... not just buy and change

    As well is important how fresh are you engine?

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