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    Seadoo MPEM Programmer Repair

    Ive decided to start this thread to shine a little bit of light on the elusive/ outdated Seadoo MPEM programmer..
    Yes there are other options out there, and much better ones such as CanDoo. I have their tool and love it. There is just something nostalgic about these old hand held units..

    They are fairly basic, but age is not on our side. As with any tool that is able to program "theft related items" there comes some security such as a 4 digit PINs.
    Which leads me to my quest of obtaining a code which doesnt happen to be the one written on the unit itself. Brute forcing the password or dumping the EEPROM seem to be the only two options.

    EEPROM: CAT28C256P-20


    --Note, this unit has two EEPROM stacked to allow for more memory.



    Membrane switch
    12 wires total for all 20 buttons. I have a map of what two pins correspond to which keypad button. Ill have to find a nice way to clean it up.
    The little snap buttons dont seem to hold up to well. I will be looking into either repairing or replacing the keypad membrane.

    Unit runs off 4 AA batteries. Funny enough both rows are in parallel. You can power on the tester with only two batteries installed. VDC is 3v for this unit.

    Internal Battery: CR2477N
    3V battery, very thick compared to your standard 2025 or 2032

    I will add more information in this section as I find.
    Latest version- ?
    my current version- V3.4P

    ---- Currently I am researching options for brute force input. An Arduino set to work its way through all possible codes seems to be the best solution. Much easier for someone with some actual coding background.

    Id be very interested in seeing what other firmwares are available. Having an EEPROM dump would be handy for anyone that has had any issues. Programmers that support the CAT28C256 are far and few between.
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    proceed with caution as if memory serves me correctly after a number of attempts at the password fail, the unit bricks

    the password may not be stored in clear text in the epprom/firmware

    I still use my old programmer when I can and bringing my laptop isn't my first choice

    I often use them on dock and beach calls for older two strokes that need new keys

    I have some weird stuff going on with mine, they keypad most likely turning it on requires a two button push

    I'd suggest trying to clone the epprom before any attempt at trying to drag the password

    the value of these boxes seems to vary with most I've seen on ebay selling for $500-$2000

    with candoo now offering a wireless version and every tom dick and harry who wanted to start a business doing key programming on ebay for $25 I'd be inclined to sell mine these days

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