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    951 DI Water Tray

    I have a 2001 RXDI that I just had my motor redone for...I was told to bypass the bottom water tray and that Seadoo also had put out a bulletin years ago to do so. Anyone done this or heard of doing this?

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    I actually added a billet case cooler to my carbed 951. It added another potential place for a water leak to occur. And it looked cool while the engine was out. In theory, it might help keep the (case reed) intake ports cooler?

    I had read somewhere that the 951DI's had the bottom case cooler to help keep the electronics cool in the stator housing. Not sure how factual that is.
    But I haven't read anything about omitting the cooler, so I'm interested if there was a bulletin to ditch the cooler. It isn't exactly 'accessible' with the engine in the ski.

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    I've worked on a lot of 951 DI machines and never seen one bypassed. It's there to help keep the low end bearings cool because you don't have fresh fuel charge constantly blowing over them. Same reason the RFI has one. They also do have a cooler in the stator cover. Because it's 30% larger with much more output than the carbed version.

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