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    I agree with K447, counterfeit parts, like everything else being ripped off is a major issue. I would be cautious of eBay and Amazon as both are full of counterfeit goods.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShawnInFL View Post
    … counterfeit parts … cautious of … Amazon. ...
    Look closely at the actual vendor when buying from Amazon.

    Fulfilled by Amazon means Amazon is not the seller, Amazon is just handling shipping and perhaps warehousing of the item. There are thousands of sellers that use Amazon marketplace but Amazon does not vet what these sellers are actually selling and shipping.

    Sold by Amazon means Amazon themselves are the seller. One might hope that means Amazon is careful to source non-counterfeit parts.

    Sold on Amazon by ‘a company name that you trust’ is another way to source genuine parts. Hopefully.

    Sometimes Amazon will run out of a product that they normally source themselves (presumably genuine non-counterfeit) and will instead pick and ship ‘identical’ items sitting on an Amazon shelf, but those items were delivered to the Amazon warehouse by a third party seller. Amazon later replaces or credits the seller for selling ‘their stuff’ and shipping it as Amazon’s stuff, but that means Amazon risks shipping something that is not entirely genuine.

    I do not know how much risk there is of receiving counterfeit goods despite selecting ‘Sold by Amazon’ when putting items in your cart for checkout.

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