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    2006 FXHO not charging

    We have two 2006 FXHOs that we bought new in 2006. They unfortunately sat unused for several years prior to 2021. In March, we took them into a local PWC repair shop for a check-up. They did a full tune up including oil change, spark plug change, new batteries (Odyssey PC625), gas drain and refill, and they also did a full water test. They said the skis were in great shape considering how long they sat. The only additional work they performed was replacing the rectifier on one of the skis.

    We took the skis out for a weekend in April and they both ran great. We probably put 10+ hours on each over the weekend. They sat again for about two months after that. I failed to take the batteries out of the skis or charge them while they sat. When we next put them in the water in July, one ski started fine but the other didn't start at all (this is the ski with the newly replaced rectifier). The battery was dead. I was a bit surprised that one didn't start because these skis had previous PC625s in them and never had a problem with a dead battery after 1-2 months of sitting.

    I charged the battery over night and the ski started fine the next day. After running for about 2 hours, the warning alarm went off with a code 19. I charged the battery again over night and it started fine the next day. I watched the voltage meter on the ski and noticed that the ski didn't appear to be charging. The battery voltage started out at about 12.5 volts and slowly dropped about 0.1 volts every 15-20 minutes. I thought the problem might be the battery so I tried swapping the batteries between the two skis. The other ski charged the battery fine and the "bad ski" showed the same problem with the other battery.

    I haven't had time to fully diagnose the problem, so we've limited use of that ski to about an hour between charges. I finally have some time to look into this. I've read many posts on this site about charging issues and I have some things I'm going to try out, but I wanted to check with the forum to see if the symptom of a dead battery followed by lack of charging narrows down the root cause at all.

    As a side note, I completely understand that it's not good to leave the batteries in skis for a long time without charging. So please don't beat me up over that I have a better charging solution (than my old solution) so my plan is to charge the batteries anytime the skis are out of the water.

    Thanks all for your help in advance!

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    Well, I'd ohm out the stator. If it tests good then I'd suspect a bum rectifier. Parts are a crapshoot these days.

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    Regulator or stator…… while running voltage should be 13v it it’s 12 then no out out from regulator (known weak point) swap the regulator between the 2 after checking stator outputs to confirm

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