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    2019 Yamaha VX TR-1 Compression specs

    Thank you in advance.

    Does anyone know what the compression specs are for the TR-1 engine? I checked my recently purchased 2019 VX-C and it has 180 rear, 165 middle, 180 front. I was just doing routine spark plugs getting ready for winter and thought I would check compression. Ski runs as you would expect. Just a little worried about the center cylinder.

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    Most tr-1 engines are around 155-165 so the center cylinder should be fine but Iím not sure why the other 2 read so high. There is a chance your compression tester is off and itís reading 15-ish psi too high. The only way to know is to do the test again with a different compression tester.

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    I have the service manual, it doesn't give a range but it does say the minimum is 128.

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    Your compression numbers are pretty good even though your center is a little low. I would just enjoy the ski

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