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Thread: PSI Waterbox

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    Quote Originally Posted by xlint89 View Post
    Normally Fuji and domestic waterboxes don't mix.
    Seller was nice enough to give me my money back as he hadn't shipped it out yet. So if anyone is interested here's the ad for the goodies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WKUalum View Post
    Has anyone ever owned or used one of these? Good bad indifferent? Thoughts?
    No experience with PSI but I have a TDR water box on my '94 SLT750. There is a definite change in acceleration compared to the OEM water box. I also have Vortex FA's which take at least 1/2 extra turn out on the high speed jets to make up for the increased air flow. I have a PSI dry pipe that i have yet to put on my 750, but as Xlint stated they give you little boost too.

    Your 750 is definitely hopped up with some aftermarket goodies. It probably runs equivalent to slightly better than a stock 780.


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