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    2002 4tec gauges, cluster retrofit


    Does anyone know if there are any newer year (2006+) gauges or other options for gauges for 2002-2005 4tec machines. I've gone the used route and the repair route with very limited success. The machine is in nice condition, but I currently have an empty space where the cluster belongs since my latest set couldn't be repaired....

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    I'm in the same 'boat' .'02 GTX Limited with over 300hrs and gauges died .I've seen a new set on Ebay for 2800.00$ (yeah,the dot is at the right place)
    All other machines from '02-'05 with around 300hrs have the same problem around here . Sounds like "planned obsolescence" was built into theses gauges .heh heh
    I was even scouring the internet for a wiring diagram for the gauges , but no luck . Repair manual doesn't cover it in detail ,only the harness plug .

    Sorry I don't have an answer for you , but I feel your pain . The hunt goes on . Will update post if I find something .

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