Guys hi. Again, excuse me for my terrible english : ) I need your advice. I have rental pwc (sea doo gti90 2017) and want to add another one pwc BUT, after 3 season of working my pwc looks like frankenstein monster (many damages on hull, once I replace engine, because it die after crush) It happens because 90% of customers are beginners and + dont care too much about jet ski. So I think it doesnt worth to buy new one for 10 000+$ because after few seasons of work it will be damaged. So what about used pwc for under 5 000$ with no damages but with 300 +- hour or rebuilt engine? Do you think it will work 100 hour at season? Who has old jet skis, how they work? What are most reliable pwcs? Can you explain me? (I dont search 2010+ I know their prices.)