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    2012 GTI 130 Weird Issues


    I have a 2012 GTI 130 that has been having intermittent issues which has gotten worse lately. Here's a recap

    1) When connecting key, the cluster would sometimes flicker. After it would run for a second, it would be normal for the whole day.

    2) Display would not come on and would crank and not fire. After multiple attempts, would start and no display active. After a couple minutes, would flicker to life and be fine.

    Above has happened the past couple months.

    3) Sunday - went to ride and ski was dead. Hooked up charger and it said 4.2V and 6% battery. Was last ridden the week prior. Thought it was weird and maybe a bad battery (it was a 201. Hooked the new one up at ramp, display fires right up, and will not crank. Left it on the trailer while riding the spark and when I came back, the display was still on!.

    I got an OEM Starter Relay, and 30A relay. Neither changed anything. I left power on and swapped to new relay, and the ski turned over with no DESS key installed!!! I then put the new relay back in and have been checking grounds and connectors. It is a 479HR GTI in awesome shape, and the connectors I have been checking are in good shape. I will still contact clean and re grease. I have also taken the display out and checked that connector and looks good. The MPEM has mild corrosion on the outside, but connectors are good. There is some missing foam around it like it got warm and melted some of it, but not major.

    Where should I go from here? I have been thinking DESS post, Start stop button, or worst case the cluster. All of the fuses look good.

    Any help is appreciated!

    Thank you!

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    I had a lot of those issues, though not exactly. Fix was good battery, clean the bus bars and apply dielectric grease, reseat power wires in back of fuse box, and replace DESS post.

    In my case, the starter solenoid was loose and jump wake had caused it to start yanking power wires out and there was some corrosion in the fuse box. The DESS caused the no response and the battery drain in mine.

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