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    Side Grab Handles WaveVenture 1100

    My ski is nearly in perfect condition for being a 96 but the rubber has deterioted on the side grab handles. I'm sure I won't find any that are in better condition than mine, but worth a shot. The aftermarket ones on ebay and amazon are garbage plastic, and I'm not paying 50 bucks for the ones on ebay Thanks!

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    I've put these on the Waveventures a couple times.--->

    Best I remember I re-used one original bolt hole on each side.

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    Thanks. At this point I'm trying to not make any new holes just yet, trying to keep it stock. I was thinking about something like screwing on a kayak or jeep grab handle (cloth on both sides, rubber in the middle) but I haven't found any long enough. The stock grab handles aren't even long enough for a normal woman to reach, but I'd rather have them looking stock then crap, but I'm going to hope someone has a set hiding in their closet

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