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    what engine is in my Ultra 250X

    hey guys first time poster!

    so, today i picked up a 250x ultra had a whopping 300hrs on it...

    i decided to entertain the idea of looking at the ski because the ski looked so good in the photos i couldnt believe it, upon getting there the ski was as described and in mint condition.. its unbelievable. standard / unmodified

    upon opening it up the guy said " take this with a grain of salt, but the guy before me said the engine had a new head put on it and pistons etc etc"

    we both agreed this is plausible information as there is no receipts.

    anyway getting to the point.

    after my very limited research on these skis, ive noticed that people block the covers on the top of the rocker cover.

    mine does not have these at all, and has the identical rocker cover to a 260x/300x

    what mine should have -

    what mine does have -

    is there any identification marks on the engine itself to verify if its a 250 / 260 / 300 engine?

    could it simply just have a rocker cover off the newer model on it?
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    Probably, as you said, just put the newer cover on it. Im sure if he had put a more powerful version in, he would have been bragging about that and not the new pistons and head stuff.

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    are the covers a direct swap? there is clear as day evidence ( witness marks on bolts) that the ski has head top end work.

    the engine block in it looks like its 3 days old, then the supercharger pulley looks like its been living in the pacific ocean since the birth of christ.

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