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    You guess is as good as mine. I can put the pump in a vice, put a crescent wrench on the drive tab, and it won't turn. It's frozen solid. Perhaps it was the fact that it sat for a year and a half, but one would think something caused by lack of use would show us as soon as you tried to use it, but I tested the pump for rotation before I installed it on the new engine and it rotated smoothly and easily. After a few times running the engine for 10 seconds at a time to test everything, it failed.

    Edit: After re-reading the post, I think some context should be added. The pump seized and cause the flywheel nut to spin off and the flywheel to pop off the crank. I can see the confusion if you didn't have that piece of information that I detailed in another thread. It's not like it seized and there were no other consequences.
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