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    MSX 150 No start

    Good morning, I recently acquired a non running MSX150. I installed a new battery and it cranks over just fine but wont fire. The Fuel pump primes, with the lanyard attached and the start button pressed. battery voltage its good maintaining 11.3 while cranking. But my display will not light up until I press the blue button. I bypassed the SIFB with a paper clip (paperclip purple jumped to blue/white) and still have the same condition. I checked the engine speed sensor for corrosion. The connection was clean and the oring looked good, still cleaned with electrical cleaner and added some dielectric grease to the plug. So what I've come up with so far is the ecu is not waking up like its supposed to, also leading to my no spark condition. All the fuses are good in the three black plugs by the ecm. Some insight would be greatly appreciated.


    Also I have no sound from the ETB when trying to get things to power up.
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    Did you check all the fuses? (2 separate 3-fuse packs)

    Also check your main relay (the brown box beside the ECU in the rear)... it may be faulty. This is where the ECU (as well as coils and injectors) gets its power.

    Your description does sound like the ECU is not powering up. And you ruled out the SIFB with the paperclip bypass.


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