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    GP1800 High Idle and code 15

    Just finished resealing my transom plate and installing electric bilge pump. I always start the ski before I head to the water. When I start it the rpm goes straight to around 3000. When I blip the throttle or the ride it actually goes back down to normal idle for a second. I went ahead and put it on the water to see what it would do. Same high idle and when I try to give it throttle the check engine alarm goes off and it starts limping. When I shut it off I get code 15 which is engine temp sensor. Starts every time no problem and straight to 3000 or so RPM. Iím ok with changing the temp sensor but is that what is making it high idle like that?

    2018 with Riva stage 1+ with through hull exhaust and race labs ecm flash.

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    Engine hours?

    Salt water operation?

    Has the throttle body been serviced/lubricated as prescribed in the service schedule?

    When you were installing the bilge pump and removing/re-installing the transom plate (and therefore the exhaust) is it possible something got unplugged or bumped while you were working?

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    147 hours
    all salt operation
    i have been staring in the bay for hours trying to find something disconnected or undone.

    I am unsure about throttle body service or lubrication. I’ll look it up now.
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    I changed the engine temperature sensor, got a new battery, and removed/dismantled and lubed the throttle body. I put it all back together and it’s still revving to 3000 rpm on start. I disconnected the throttle position sensor at the throttle and it starts and idles normally. Does that mean that the throttle position sensor/harness is bad or that something in the throttle trigger itself is bad?

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