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    03 GTX pump vs. 04 pump

    I am hoping that someone will be able to tell me if the pump housing for the 04 wil fit right on a 03 GTX SC. I would like to know if anything else needs to be changed. Are the wear rings the same?
    Thanks in advance

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    GTX pumps are the same, will swap with no problems. Wear rings are the same...

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    thank you I just was not sure if the 03 being plastic and the 04 being metal they had changed anything.

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    I think the bearings may be different from the platic to the metal. Don't quote me, but I don't think they'll swap over. not to mention you probably damage em knocking em out anyways. I found one on ebay with the bearings already in it. HOpefully u can be so lucky.

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    pump housing alone is not enough, all of the guts are different.
    you need the entire pump with bearings washers etc...
    only the wear ring and impeller will swap. do a search theres alot fo info here on this

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    Perhaps I misread the post, did you mean the housing or the entire pump?
    The entire pump assembly is swappable, I've done it. Internal parts (bearings, seals shaft, etc...) are not the same, you have to put all 04 parts in the 04 housing.

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    Thank you for all the help. I was talking about the entire housing. I guess it is just a matter of finding one. I do believe that either an 04 or 05 will work.
    Thanks again

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