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    2022 Superjet TR1 Mods

    I ordered a 2022 Superjet the day the were "announced" and got to the front of the line at my dealer. They expect it to arrive sometime next spring so fingers crossed it shows up. I don't want this to be a thread talking about availability, I am very confident I will be getting one based on my relationship and the size of the dealer so lets leave it at that. I also ordered a 2022 Blue/Yellow GP SVHO to replace my stage 1+ 2017 I sold and I will prob do a separate thread on that ski as well.

    In the meantime I am going to start putting together a list of all of the parts I want to gather to make the ski the way I want to help kill the time and get some feedback from anyone familiar with the TR-1 and this new 21+ SJ. I have done some reading but have not found one place to find info on the 2021+ SJ. I would like to make this a thread where all the parts I put on I will discuss and hopefully inform others as well.

    The only ski I currently have is a Round nose superjet with a ported 735, with B-pipe, head, steering, lowered CF hood, prop, plate, grate, etc etc etc. and I want to make the 2022 similar in style and riding feel, which is a carving ski that can jump and has lots of power. The RN does 53-54 GPS all day so I would like this new ski to be faster than that.

    Parts List-
    *Note I would like to purchase as much from GH to support them and what they do for our community but I am also aware some parts may need to be bought from venders direct*

    -Tune- This is a big one and a must have for me. I have heard good things about the Riva Map tuner and wasn't sure if there were other options for this TR1. I had a deans team on my 2017 GP and liked it but whatever I get for the SJ I want to use the same for the new 2022GP as well. Thoughts on going map tuner for both?

    -Ride Plate- Looks like riva and prowatercraft are the only ones I could find. I want the BEST plate for hookup and carving. Any suggestion?

    -Intake grate- Again rive and watercross of texas are the only ones I found. Any input on the 2 choices?

    -Exhaust-Riva flow through is the obvious choice here, I was also trying to find if there are any performance manifolds and if they are even worth the cost? Any input here on this?

    -Steering System- Going to go with Riva billet and 0 degree bars, ODI grips, and finger throttle.

    -Turf- Jettrim mats, I dont want hydro turf as I like the addition of the wedges the jettrim provides, I did custom glass in my footholds on my RN and I dont want to cut the 22 up.

    -Prop- Seems the 12/17 is the one to get, I wasn't going to mess with the pump much on this ski other than an SS prop.

    -Ribbon Delete- Is this a thing on the TR1? I cant seem to find the part for this application. I would assume it can be done but I am not sure what the best way is.

    -Air intake- STOCK as I always seem to have water in my standups (I like to sub them and wave jump as well).

    -Scuppers- I saw some kit where I could replace the drain plugs with little scuppers so this seems useful, not sure where to get that though or if there is a better kit etc. Input here?

    -Graphics- Would like to do something flashy but with an OEM look. I know Yamaha is offering 6 different styles but haven't been able to find any more info on that. Any aftermarket kits you guys recommend? Photos?

    -Anything else you guys think I am missing as a must have?

    Thanks for taking the time to read my thread and I am excited to get this ski and start tinkering with it!!

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    Nothing to do with the skis, but is Watercross of Texas back in business?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aquaholic6801 View Post
    Nothing to do with the skis, but is Watercross of Texas back in business?
    Yes Kirt Bryant has never left the business. Just scaled back some. He has a facebook page I believe and you can message him.

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    I hope you feel special, I signed up for an account just to reply to your post! I was able to pick up a 2021 Super jet the end of July. I searched for 6 months all over the east coast and nobody had any. One day out of the blue I looked and Highway Marine in Pennsylvania had one listed. Bought it that day.

    That being said I grew up on a 1992 Kaw 750sx. I had a ride plate, upgraded handle bars, upgraded scoop. Otherwise it was stock. It was a really quick ski with about a top end of 45ish. Let me tell you, the SJ when you have it off of learning mode is ridiculously fast. It will dang near rip the ski out of your hands. I'm overly impressed by the power. I didn't think it was going to be as fast as my old 750sx but its all around quicker out of the hole and just pulls harder. I can't imagine upgrading it even more right now. That being said, the ski is some what unstable when trying to balance, the new handle bars are the first thing I am going to replace. It does hop some when you get above 42ish mph. A new scoop would be the next purchase I would make.

    I'm 43 now and it could be I haven't ridden in 20 years but I felt like a better setup for the handle bars is needed. I could probably recover some of the hop if I leaned forward a little more to try and keep the nose down.

    As for the ride plate, its a pretty short plate and it grips well. I think you could experiment with a longer plate to see what you think but I don't think you should be in a hurry to replace it.

    I can't say enough about this ski, its absolutely fantastic and it was worth every penny!

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