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    Question STX 15F Pump Rebuild

    Hello everyone, getting all of my parts today for a pump rebuild and i am wondering where you guys put grease and how much of it. Do you pretty much do it like in this video ?
    He starts putting grease on seals at 2:55

    Do you put the marine grease where the seals are? what about filling the crease inside where the shaft and cone are connected? Thank you guys

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    Get the manual as there are different stack ups (15F variants) and procedures. I personally load the forward seal cavity generously and rear cone with grease. I leave a bit of space for expansion in the cone. Look carefully at the seal runner for pitting. Any sanding and cleaning should be done before the new bearings, o-rings and seals are installed. I prefer a press to a hammer applying force only to the outer race. When you install the cone it will be springy as the air compresses in the cone proving that the thing is indeed sealed from the elements. Too much grease and you will have hydraulic lock up and the cone will not seat. Spin the pump by hand and see if the rear bearing outer race rotates prior to the cone installation, if it does you might want to address it with a tiny bit of sleeve retainer. It's an easy job that most anyone can do with suitable pressing tools. Sockets of the correct dimension can often be used to press parts into place. Sometimes heating the pump body and cooling the bearing can assist for ease of assembly, which is a personal thing. You do not want to heat the pump with seals installed. Methods of a personal type may vary using a heat gun or heat lamp to the kitchen oven, and freezer, dry ice or cold spray. Circlip pliers are also needed. I prefer to use Plastilube Moly3 grease as it works good, lasts a long time. This grease is also great for PWC trailer wheel bearings.
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