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    Question Waverunner 1100 triple 1997 display broken


    I recently bought an waverunner that had an leakage in the motor. I've got the problem fixed and it's running again. But the display is broken. So i can't really see speeds, fuel levels or warnings like overheating. I don't feel for paying around 200-300$ for an used display that would probably break too. I've looked at third party gauges and car displays, but they all use OBD car standards. Can I use this with my ski, or is there an different standard for skis? Is it possible to make my ski OBD compatible and is this easy? Do you guys have some different options that would work in my case. Most important for me is speed, fuel and temp. But everything together including the warnings would be beyond perfect. Thanks a lot

    - Spyroz

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    Look on Ebay, can probably find one for close to $100.
    Would cost you more to make a custom guage display and lots of time...

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