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    Can't Sync Throttle Plates on 1100 Triple

    I have a 1996 Yamaha 1100 Triple. I am trying to sync the carbs per directions to no avail. What happens is it says to sync them to all be fully closed. That is fine and achievable. The problem is that when I open the throttle fully, the carb on the front is fully and properly open and stopped by the stopper. the middle one is a little less open and the last one less than that. Conversely, if I sync them to all be even at full throttle, then in the idle position the first one is fully closed, the middle a little open and he last one open a little more. The only thing I can thing of is that the throttle plates are not the same size or something because in theory if you rotate the first throttle plate and the rest are linked, then they should also rotate the same amount and end up in the same position.

    Any ideas what I should do if anything? I am reluctant to unscrew the throttle plates to measure them as sometimes the screws are peened and that would mean I would have to file the screws and then buy new throttle linkages only to find that was not the problem.


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    Use a paperclip or ziptie. Set the idle open to just sit closed on whatever you use. THEN adjust the second carb using that tool as an opening guide. Then the third. THEN, unscrew the idle back to normal.

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    It's quite possible that the throttle blades are not aligned properly on the throttle shafts. Ideally, you would remove the screws that hold the throttle blades in, adjust the throttle blades so that they are completely closed with the idle speed screw backed out, then you would install new screws and stake them. These carb kits don't include the throttle blade screws, so that's not such a good idea.

    It's more important that the throttles be synched at idle than at full throttle because the effect of them being out of whack will be much more noticeable at idle.

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