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    1998 sea doo do 951 motor rebuild/break in help

    Hey guys,

    just rebuilt the XP and had it running on the hose no problems. When I launched it at the dock still on the trailer, I ran it. Two minutes the MPEM constant beep started (overheating warning). So I turned it off and the cylinders were around 100 degrees Celsius.

    so either I didn’t have it far enough into the water to pump water through the motor… or am I missing something?

    on the hose it spit water from the port side at the front but not when I was in the water on trailer…

    any suggestions is great!

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    Assuming you pressure tested the new engine cooling separately from the block. You should be checking that you have all the hoses hooked up correctly using the service manual. If that’s ok, you should check the wear ring and impeller at the pump. The ski generates pressure for cooling from the jet pump. You can also check the tell tail orifice / pee hole under throttle it should shoot water.

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    Try going back in the water, and without collapsing the winch stand on the trailer, rev it up a little more. See if anything comes out of the pisser towards the front/side. My 951 needs a little bit more water pressure from the pump before anything comes out of that outlet. When riding/under throttle, it does have hot water coming out there.

    Also, you said 'rebuilt'....hows the balance shaft lube doing?

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