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    Possibly selling my 2017 STX15F and buying a new STX160 in the summer,questions

    I have a 2017 STX15F I bought new about 4 years ago. Ive been extremely happy with it. Never had any issues, rides good, fast. I ride in Lake Erie and I go miles out. When I bought it I got a steal, I paid $9500 cash out the door, tax, title, trailer, life jacket included. Im pretty sure I could get $8000 out of it if not more. All maintenance up to date, under 50 hours. I only got to ride it 3 times this whole season. I plan on getting at least 2 more rides out of it this season. I would like to buy a new STX160 this fall or winter. I really don't feel like storing and winterizing mine again this season, especially if I plan on selling it. I know theres a few different models. Can I ask what you guys think of them? Im pretty sure its the same exact engine, I know the reverse lever is on the left now which is nice. Any feedback? Also I was wondering what people are paying for the different models and when is the best time to buy? You can private message me. Thanks.

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    The STX160 has drive by wire throttle control. You also have more options I believe, like bluetooth. The engine is a carryover from 15F. Not sure of the prices, and around here in Fl, winter is a good time to strike a deal.

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    Never owned a JetSki before but the STX160 and STX160LX are awesome. Had the lid issue recall done, very stable at high speed, nothing to complain about except wish they were both the LX Model. I believe the hull is completely redesigned vs the previous STX15F but the motor is still the same. As for pricing, Considering I bought them last year during Covid and NOTHING was available within 100 miles, under MSRP and extended warranty included.

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