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    1995 slt fuel restrictor jet size

    Hi guys, new here but a frequent browser lately. I have a 1995 polaris slt 750 that I'm am working on getting running. Recieved it from the previous owner and found a hole in the mag piston. From what I've read around here is it could be a alot of different issues but from what I can see it looks like the previous owner tried to upgrade to the mikuni 3 port fuel pump and replace all the fuel lines. There is no restrictor in the return line and I'm guessing it got thrown out when they replaced that line. I've been in touch with watcon and I'm going to order the restrictor through them. I know it can be made but he has a 20 dollar minimum order and I need to order a jet anyways. My question is what size jet are you guys running with that restrictor? The one from watcon come with a #100 and after emailing watcon he said he believed a #60 would be the one to go with and i just wanted to verify before i made the order that #60 is what I need


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