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    starter relay 2002 150 ultra

    does anyone have a picture of which way the relay gets installed. one battery terminal has power all the time and the other does noes not. I am assuming the top will have power all the time so that should have the red wire on it. I took a picture before but looking at it now doesn't really show it well, i know if its upside down it won't work, send pictures please!!!!

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    update: I think i've figured it out... the main studs for starter relay, 1 is for pos. + in and 2 is for start + out ... as long as the 1 with pos + always hot, has the red/ yellow wires in it it should be fine! If it was backwards I think it would start then shut off when starter switch is released. starter on power to everything, starter off all is dead. what do you think??

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