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    Removing SS Wear ring

    Has anyone ever remove their SS wear ring?
    Will it get stuck?
    This is the only concern that stopping me from getting one!
    I ride in close shore/ocean, while I was leaving or return to the dock, there was always rubbish/plastic bags floating around!!!
    So at worst time, I got hit by these at the intake/prop 3 times in a day
    So will this ss wear ring be good or bad for such conditions???
    THX for any suggestions

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    An SS ring will be better for your conditions. It will not deteriorate when you suck up debris and pass it thru the pump like the plastic will.

    I have removed an SS ring before. Your simply grab the top lip with some vice grips and the use a big flathead screwdriver between the pump and the vice grips and pry it upwards. Once you get it started you can reach in from the back with a long flathead screwdriver and pound it out with a hammer.

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    I don't think you would ever have to take it out unless your bearings fail. I have a ton of hours on mine without a problem. The way I see it is I would have already replaced 3-4 plastic wear rings this summer. Even if my SS fails somehow I'm still up a crap load in money from the saved Plastic rings

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    I've done this a few times with my Black & Decker work bench. If you have one, remove the center panel and open in wide enough where you can place the pump (wear ring facing the ground) on the outer boards. Secure the outside part of the pump with the holders. Make sure you place your hand underneath supporting the wear ring. Take a rubber mallet and tap the the top of the pump until the ring starts to come out. You will be able to feel it instantly as your hand is supporting the ring. Once it comes out a few inches, you should be able to pull it out by hand. If not, keep tapping the pump with the rubber mallet.

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    THX guys !!!
    Just ordered a thousand us$$$ worth of parts from jerry for my 07 wake 215, so this ss and solid engine will need to come in later this year

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