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    No Microfiche just can go on Riva/Green Hulk web address' and check in OEM parts and find out when available to view.

    Good luck
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    Ill be ordering the fx ride plate as soon as its available.

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    I just ordered this HO rideplate as well ($139). The High Output plate has an extra 2 adding top speed similar to what Riva's plate ($323) advertises.

    "The new ride plate changes the entire attitude of the WaveRunner; a 3 degree angle on SVHO models and 5 degree angle on HO models creates more bow lift. The added bow lift allows for a drier ride and an increased 2mph top speed on the HO models."

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    Where did you order from? Did they give you an ETA?

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    Local dealer and no ETA yet.

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    I ordered on Jan 12 2022 and no ETA yet.

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    starting to think this may never ship.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gsxr1300 View Post
    starting to think this may never ship.
    I'd agree.

    I wanted to try a new SVHO ride plate but the number in the Fiche isn't even a good number in the dealer system. Decided to try an HO ride plate for now since the part number and price are active in the dealer system. I stopped by my local dealer yesterday and they don't show any in any warehouse and no release date is listed.

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