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    GP800R wont rev over 6000RPM

    I acquired a GP800R with a blown engine. Rebuilt the engine, installed wave eater clips, cleaned the carbs and fuel system. It starts and idles fine, has a strong hole shot, cruises great, seems to rev quickly, however wont rev over 5800-6000RPM. My GPS indicates a max of 40MPH which from what I read seems correct for that RPM. I've read that it should hit 7000RPM and go about 50-54MPH. The Ski will rev past 7000RPM when out of the water. The Power Valve cycles 3 sec after the engine is shut off like it should. The PVs seem to operate freely.

    The speedometer isn't working, the pickup wheel is broken so no signal going to the dash. Does anyone know if the speedo isn't working the computer/CDI goes into some sort of limp mode?

    I plan to disconnect the PV motor and retract the PVs manual and do a test run when I get back to the water.

    Any other suggestions?


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    Did u ever figure this out. I’m at the point of actually disconnecting my speedo Incase it’s causing a short. I can’t rev past 5k and my valves also cycle. Check if your valves open and close when out of the water on the hose.

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