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    New Aquatrax owner, our experience. Check that oil!

    Hello all!

    Great forum here with tons of much appreciated info! Some background...we bought a jetski for a family weekend activity with the kids. After some quick calls to local boat dealers we found out there are practically NO jetskis to be had out here in CA. One craigslist add we responded to replied that the price had gone up on their 2017 Yamaha over $10K! Crazy! We finally found the Aquatrax several hundred miles away and jumped on it, with no idea of the troubles a used ski could have.

    We tested it out soon after buying and it seemed to run great! Man that turbo sure kicks you in the butt! Out last ski was a 1992 Waverunner III so the Honda is a big step up. I noticed the RPMs topping out around 5800 or so but didn't think anything of it. After getting it home we discovered the entire top of the engine covered in a thin film of oil, my best guess based on the distribution was that it came from around the oil filter.

    After doing some research I learned the procedure to check the oil level, and it seemed way high. Using the Honda method checking from the fill port it was reading almost to the top of the stick. I could see the oil not far from the top of the oil tank. Checking using the "Nitro" method at the rear of the ski reveled similar results. I purchased some new Honda oil and filter and proceeded to do an oil change. All told I removed 9 quarts of oil from the ski! Fortunately we did not run it much on the day we tested it, who knows what sort of trouble that would have caused long term had I not checked and changed out the oil. Adding the correct amount of oil now produces a correct dip stick reading if I follow the Honda procedure.

    We took it out again after correcting the oil and it runs great! Revs to 6100 or so, and no more oil film on the motor. No codes or anything.

    So far I have also lubricated the carrier bearing (just enough to firm up the hose that leads to the bearing). I have some CRC ordered to hit the turbo/wastegate and the throttle linkage ports. Anything I am missing?

    We are very excited to have this ski and I am learning as much as I can to maintain it for what I anticipate will be years of use. I did call the local Honda dealership and they can perform the fuel tank recall pending verification that it has not been completed by vin number, plan to take care of that over the winter.

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    OMG 9 Quarts. Honda must of made one hell of a Motor back then. Can’t understand how it didn’t Hydraulic the tops of the Pistons off!

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