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    Check the speedo wheel on the back of the ski. I forget what color the pug is… that may be your issue.

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    Took apart the exhaust and see no blistering or breakdown of the rubber hoses. The only thing I see is the ring with the 6 holes exiting the stinger and going into the water lock has an extra hole in it from corrosion. Could this be allowing just too much water into the water lock? And restricting the exhaust flow?

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    Not sure if this makes a difference but my motor is stamped 67A and not 66E.
    couldnt really find any info regarding this. My servo is stamped 66e but maybe there’s something else about it

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    I agree with another poster...this is a hard thread to follow. Still not so sure your problem is electrical. Did you use the stock jetting for the 66e/67a? The 800 PV motors never had any lean issues, and never required any jetting changes like the 1200 PV engines did. If you have anything other than stock jetting in it, thats where I would start. Stock size low/high speed jets, stock size N&S and spring, using genuine mikuni parts only. Set the screws to the stock settings, then try it.

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