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    Update: carbs rebuilt again with all genuine Mikuni kits. The check valves were installed with the marking up. 1.2 seats had no leaks and went as high as my pop off could go. Canít confirm pop off but it was higher than 65/70. Seats did no fizz after I would pop them. Springs are flush with metal surface using a razor blade.

    Carb return line line is now drilled out. The 90 main is in the RIVA barb fitting but doesnít screw in all the way. I checked the threads and the RIVA is a m5 x0.8 but the main jet will not thread into those threads or any other m5 x0.8. The threads look ok and it is brand new. It goes in far enough for its purpose so I just put some lock tite on it.

    i have all new base gaskets but I think I want to do a leak down test again but at 8 or 10 pounds first Incase 6 just wasnít enough. Will try have it together again tomorrow night.

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    Quick update: got a good fluke meter to measure kilo ohms. The manual says to have a reading between 14.3k and 30.5k. Well my spare set measured 30k and the ones I currently use measure 21k. Which would be better to use? I’m not sure what the better reading is.

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    Ok so I just got it started. Only a few minutes of cranking. Just couldnít keep it going due to the time of night. Will have to try when I have it hooked to water and during the day.
    Also pressure tested to 8 psi with no bleed down. The only thing I saw was that air bled through the reeds if I had the plug out.
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    Had a few minutes to start it last night and it’s very different now. Actually revs normal. So I have high hopes. Will try test tonight on the water depending when I get home.

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    Back to square one! Max 5k rpm and 38 mph. But perfect take offs and no hesitation or bogging. Started first try.

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    It almost sounds like something is going on with high circuits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonesyfxr View Post
    It almost sounds like something is going on with high circuits.
    It’s electrical at this point. Two different carbs wouldn’t produce the exact same results

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    Glad you low what’s wrong. You should have it sorted out shortly then.

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    this guy had the exact same issue but never took the last step and so I’ll be trying it tomorrow. Will swap out a gauge cluster. It’s from a gp800 that I fixed over the summer and it works like it’s supposed to.

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    Today I tried to use a gp800 cluster but the ski wouldn’t even crank. All the plugs are the same except the xl ski has two extra. The gp cluster even has the two extra plugs on it even though the ski doesn’t plug into anything. The start would show when I pushed mode and I could lock it but that was all I could get out of it.

    so then I went to try the servo motor. Start the ski up and suddenly the valves are opening and closing and holding when I rev it open. Exactly how it’s supposed to. Now why won’t my servo motor do that?

    I take it in the water and nothing! No movement! Take it back out and start it at the ramp and there they go again. Moving like they should.

    Is there some sort of short when it goes in the water?

    Every time its the same symptom. 5k rpm and no more. I did hit 41mph for the 1st time though.

    Maybe the speedo is shorting? I don’t know what else that’s electrical that touches the water.

    Take off is powerful but u can see the revs stop at 5k and cruising u can see the revs stop at 5k.

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